Note:  This horn is part of a private collection in the Italy.  It is NOT part of  the collection of Dick Martz. The photographs and description below are used by permission of the owner,  Sig. Angelo Pettenaro.

G.B. Cerutti
Single Horn with Crooks

Label :
single with crooks
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
ca. 1870
determined by terminal crook
three rotary

Bell Flare:

Bell Diameter:

Base Metal:
yellow brass
raw brass
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Shown above is a beautiful single horn with crooks from the workshop of G.B. Cerutti in Turin, Italy.  Casa G.B. Cerutti was founded in 1850 in Turin, Italy in 1850. At its headquarters in Via Principe Amedeo, 20, it manufactured brass wind musical instruments specializing in rotary valves of its own design and manufacture with which were adopted by the Ministry of War for music of the Royal Army. At L'Esposizione Nazionale held in Turin in 1898 Casa G. B. Cerutti presented "a wide variety of forms and systems [of] the whole family of brass instruments, giving proof of a very perfect manufacture." Among the innovations that it exhibited were "a vertical bass trombone with rotating bell, a recent invention of the House, very useful for the orchestras; the new timpani with mechanics, with which, through the simple turn of a crank, the instrument is carried to the desired pitch with maximum rapidity; and the first Boehm system flutes manufactured in Italy."

(above) Casa G. B. Cerutti e Figli was awarded the silver medal at the National Exposition of Turin in 1884 "for the quality of construction and sound of exhibited brass instruments." It was also awarded the gold medal at the Esposizioni Riunite in Milan in 1894 and the gold medal at L'Esposizione Nazionale held in Turin in 1898.

(above) On October 8, 1892 G.B. Cerutti e Figli filed a registration for "improvements in the rotation movement of the cylinder machine of brass musical instruments."  The very ornate valve set of this horn are shown at the right.

The exhibit of Casa C.B. Cerutti e Figli (above) at L'Esposizione Nazionale held in Turin in 1898 was described as follows: "In the middle lane of the Gallery, on the right of those who proceed towards the rooms of the Fine Arts, there is another very elegant showcase, containing the exhibition of the company G. B. Cerutti and Sons, of Turin. This ancient factory is one of the most reputable in Italy, not only for the production of all kinds of brass instruments, trumpets, cornets, horns, trombones, bombards, basses, etc., but also for a workshop for the repair of used instruments. The tools of the Cerutti company are distinguished by the application of improved valves with rotors or pistons, and for the softness and robustness of the voice. Its trombones are so perfect that they can compete with the famous trombones of the Uhlmann House in Vienna.  ...  Another instrument that is part of every good orchestra is the tympanum. These instruments that must always be paired (granted in fourth or fifth) are very good at our Exhibition. Roth of Milan and Cerutti of Turin exhibit excellent mechanical timpani (for instant tuning) that are distinguished by intensity and precision of sound."


Special thanks to Angelo Pettenaro for sharing photos of his beautiful horn. Also thanks to Daniel Canarutto for his valuable information and contibutions to this page.


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