Robert Piering
Double Horn

Note:  The horn shown below is NOT part of  the collection of Dick Martz.

Label :
Robert Piering
Adorf i/S.
[Adorf in Saxony]
Double Horn
Serial Number:

Date of Manufacture:

F and B
3 double rotary and 2 single rotary

Bell Flare:

Bell Diameter:

Base Metal:


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The Robert Piering model double horn is very similar to the Kruspe Milano model which is itself based on the design of the Kruspe double horn of 1897 (D.R.G.M. 84240). Like both of these Kruspe horns the change valve consists of two separate rotors located on either side of the main valve cluster and connected to each other by a rod. The differences from the Kruspe Milano are that the F-extension is connected to the upper change valve rotor and there is no B-flat tuning slide.  This is the same as the original 1897 model and begs the question as to whether the Piering actually predates the Milano. 
Robert Piering was the younger son of August Piering of Markneukirchen and like his brother,  Friedrich August Piering  (1846 - 1935), followed their father as brass instrument makers. Robert established his workshop in Adorf, Saxony where he worked from 1882 to after 1937. In 1898 he was granted patent 18485 for a trombone slide "mit Fuehrung" (with guide).  In 1927 he advertised as a supplier of horns, trumpets, and trombones.

The page for horns (above right) in this undated catalog for Robert Piering does not list this model among the several double horn options. No other catalogs or advertisements have been found. 





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