Boosey & Hawkes  "New Century"
Note:  This horn is part of a private collection in the United Kingdom.  It is NOT part of  the collection of Dick Martz. The photographs and description below are used by permission of the owner, Bruce Hebblewhite.
This horn is is nearly identical to the Boosey "Sotone" model compensating horn, except that it is marked Boosey & Hawkes "New Century". The horn, which seems to be of much larger bore than a traditional F "peashooter" is in excellent playing condition, with no bad notes on either Bb or F side, except that in the very lowest regions of the F side the notes are quite stuffy, perhaps a characteristic of the compensating design with so many tight turns and extra bits of tubing which the air has to negotiate.

Dr. Arnold Myers adds the following description:
This design was patented by D.J. Blaikley of Boosey & Co in 1912, as a 4th valve for horn to allow transposition to a higher key. The "F. French horn, fixed m'pipe large bore, 4th V to high Bb" was first made in 1911 but did not, however, immediately lead to a production model.
Following the merger with Hawkes & Son this compensator was advertised in the catalogue, but few were made. This example is one of a batch of three (147575-7) "Comp Fr horn LB 4V" made in 1936 and may have been the last.

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