Kruspe and all that jazz
Note:  This horn is part of a private collection in the United States.  It is NOT part of  the collection of Dick Martz. The photographs and description below are used by permission of the owner.
The horn pictured below is a single B-flat  four- (or possibly five-) valve model by Ed. Kruspe, Erfurt. Judging by the design of its label its date of manufacture is prior to 1918. The horn has been fitted with two additional bells: one is a small bell facing forward, the other is an "echo" bell.  Both auxillary bells are part of an assembly of unknown manufacture that was added to the original Kruspe horn .  The Kruspe horn is nickel silver throughout, while the added assembly is silver plated brass.

This horn was probably used by a jazz musician during the early part of the twentieth century. Echo attachements were popular on cornets from the mid nineteenth century. The wear on the plating in  small bell is evidence that it was used with a mute or for "wah-wah" effects. Open, it probably gives a cornet or fluegelhorn sornority. The key of Bb would make it easily adaptable for a trumpet or cornet player.  
The absence of the familiar Kruspe eagle trade mark and
the inscription reference to the imperial German court date
this horn to sometime before 1918.

The pinky finger valve was probably originally used either for stopping compensation or as an F extension, depending upon the slide length. (See the catalog illustration, below.) The added assembly is inserted into one leg of this valve with a removable plug inserted into the other:

 When the pinky valve is pressed, the original first branch, bell tail and bell are cut out of the air way.  The airway is then directed through several loops of tubing to the thumb valve which selects either the small bell or echo bell.  (The several loops of tubing are necessary to compensate for the removal of the first branch and bell tail.)   The whole assembly appears to have been intended to be removable. It is secured by two screws and can be slipped out of the pinky valve leg.  It has since, however, been spot soldered to the main corpus in two places, probably to prevent rattling or buzzing.

This illustration from a ca. 1920 Kruspe catalog shows a very similar single Bb horn with F extention and stopping valve.  This, or its predecessor is probably the base model used for the "Jazz" horn pictured above.

(Larigot, Bulletin de l'Association des Collectionneurs d'Instruments à Vent,  No. 19, December, 1996, p. 21)

The above illustration is a patent drawing for an echo attachment similar to the one added to the Kruspe.
Hans Pizka, Hornisten-Lexicon, Hans Pizka Edition, Kirchheim bei Munchen, 1986, p. 353

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