Ed. Kruspe
D.R.G.M. 964253

1929 Kruspe catalog, courtesy of Dirk Arzig
Firma Ed. Kruspe was granted utility model D.R.G.M. 964253 on September 9, 1926 for the horn shown above. It is a modification of the Gumpert-Kruspe compensating double horn (D.R.G.M. 295125, 1906) to which was added a valve "for stopping without transposing or replacing tubing." 
Announcement in Zeitscrhift für Instrumentenbau, January 1, 1927, p.307

1929 Kruspe catalog, courtesy of Dirk Arzig


Special thanks to Dirk Arzig, BrassTacks.De  for permission to use his images from the 1929 Ed. Kruspe catalog.



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