1830s French horn by C.A.MUELLER IN MAINZ
Note:  This horn is part of a private collection in the United States.  It is NOT part of  the collection of Dick Martz. The photographs and description below are used by permission of the owner.
The following is from "European and American Musican Instruments" by Anthony Baines: "MUELLER, C.A. Brass Instruments, flourished Mainz 1827-p1903. Workshop established by Carl August Mueller (b Adorf 11 Jan. 1804; d Mainz 27 Jan. 1870) who trained in Vogtland ?with (1) J.G.ROTH; c1824 settled in Mainz, working for SCHOTT FILS, until p1830 making keyed trumpets for them; 1827 established; later appointment as 'Grossh. Hess. Hofinst. Mr.' in Mainz; 1830 built 3v trumpet; by 1900 M. ENDERS was proprietor. INVENTION: from 1830 responsible for developing brass instrument valve known as the 'Mainzer Ventil', including its variants the 'Altmainzer & Neumainzer Maschine'; also the 'Koelner Ventilhorn'. PATENT: 1835 (France); cornet (3v) EXHIBITION: London 1851 (cornet). LOCATION: trumpet: D-Leipzig: 1853 [X], 1854 [X] [2 examples]. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Zfl 30.229, Weber in Caecilia 17 (1835) 73, Heyde 1980b, Heyde 1982, Heyde 1987." Unfortunately the [X]'s after D-Leipzig (museum) indicate "destroyed or missing". There is one cornet by Mueller in the Baines collection (see photo scanned from his book). The  horn described here has double-piston, or Vienna, valves, known in Germany in the late 1820s, though the first recorded patent is by Leopold Uhlmann, Vienna, 1830. THIS IS BELIEVED TO BE THE  ONLY KNOWN MUELLER FRENCH HORN SURVIVING.

The following are photos of the HISTORIC and IMPORTANT 3-VALVED DOUBLE-PISTON C.A.MUELLER WALDHORN/FRENCH HORN (mit Neumainzer Druckwerk):


PHOTOS FROM REFERENCE WORKS: First, a two-valved double-piston trumpet by A. Barth, Munich 1834 in the Germanisches National museum, Rueck Collection, MIR.131:

Next, a two-valved double-piston French horn by J.G.Kersten, Dresden, second quarter of 19th century, Stockholm, Musikhistoriska Museet, 410:

Next, a three-valved Waldhorn (French horn) by MUELLER 1827-1833 pictured in Caecilia 1835 with double-piston valves, but with the early actuating touchpieces (Altmainzer Modell)


Next, a 3-valved trumpet by MUELLER c.1833 (Caecilia)with the same mechanism (Druckwerk mit Blattfedern "Neumainzer Druckwerk") as the Waldhorn or French horn described above:

Next, the cornet by MUELLER in the Baines collection, similar mechanism but with later rotary valves, c.1850:

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