Hans Kreul
Single B

Label :
Hans Kreul
single (right handed)
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture:
3 rotary, mechanical linkage

Bell Flare:

Bell Diameter:

Base Metal:
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The single B♭horn shown above is of typical design with the notable exception that it is made right-handed. This appears to be a standard for Musikhaus Hans Kreul since the only other examples found, a single F and another single B♭, are also right-handed. No double horns have been found.
Musikhaus Hans Kreul was established in Tübingen, Germany in 1919. In an interview in 1984 with Nora Post for the International Double Reed Society, Hans-Joachim Kreul gave the following summary of the company's history:

HK: Well, my grandfather came to Tubingen during the First World War. He was a violin maker and a bowmaker. He died just before the Second World War. Our production stopped completely during the war. No one in Germany made musical instruments during that time. Then my father started up again after the war, in about 1948 or 1949. There was nothing to start WITH after the war - it was terrible.

NP: So how did your father begin again?

HK: He started by repairing band instruments for the American brass bands in Germany. The Americans gave him cigarettes, and he exchanged the cigarettes for the materials he needed to work on the instruments. They started with repairs, and then began to make some relatively simple clarinets and flutes.

In 1948, everyone in Germany was at point zero. Each person was given forty marks from the government, and that's how we all started again.

Although Musikhaus Hans Kreul has been known primarily for its oboes and bassoons, in addition to horns, it has also offered other brasses:
trumpet 3RV
trumpet 3P
trumpet 3P
single Bb horn 3RV
single F horn 3RV
trombone Pages
tenorhorn 3RV
Eb tuba 4RV

According to Nicole Kreul production of brass instruments ended in 1997 and no further information is available.

Special thanks to Nicole Kreul of Joachim Kreul Holzblasintstrumente for providing relevant information.




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